Current Situation

The Ministry of Security and Justice said recently; “The situation of lesbians, gay’s, bisexuals and transgenders (LHBT’s) in Iraq is so serious in nature that they may be eligible for asylum status in the Netherlands. Theirs is the task to prove that they come from Iraq and are LGBT. (see ambtsbericht 2012)(Dutch only)

The preceding months, the asylum applications of precisely LHBT’s were refused by IND and their argument for doing that was according to them, the incredibility of the respective asylum seekers. And often LHBT’s from Iraq and Iran were even imprisoned in detention centers.

During their stay in the AZC’s, LGBT asylum seekers often face discrimination, insults, isolation and violence. Many asylum applications of this target group, from different countries, such as, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Algeria, Libya, Uganda, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Georgia, Estonia, Russia, Azerbaijan and Colombia, are rejected while their story clearly shows that they are in danger and that return to their homeland means a certain death.
This is not just about Iranian and Iraqi LHBT’s. It is essential that a residence permit is granted to all LHBT’s who come from countries where homosexuality is banned/illegal and life threatening.

Are you an asylum seeker and do you want information regarding your asylum application?, please contact us. Together with you, we can look at where our foundation can provide the necessary support. It could be in matters of legal, psychological or social / societal support.