Who we are

Secret Garden is a Foundation of and for LGBT’s (Lesbian/Gay/Bi-sexual and Transgender) with an ethnic-cultural background, and sympathizers based in Amsterdam.
The group with a Muslim background forms a large part of our target group. Its task is to represent the interests of its target group in the broadest sense of the word.

Secret Garden offers social, legal and psychological support and counseling to all LGBT’s of our target group. Also an important part of our work concerns the LGBT asylum seekers.

The support provided by Secret Garden depends on the demand for care, which after notification by e-mail, phone or entry is identified during an initial interview. People are linked to each other, one-to-one or in a group when they desire to share their story or want to meet other peers. There is a room in the building where people can talk to each other.
To persons threatened by family or put on the street, we try to provide shelter and psychological support through the volunteer network. With some regularity, one day a week we have a psychologist present to talk to people. If people need shelter, we seek to provide this by finding a safe place within the network of the Foundation.

LGBT immigrants are often helped with practical problems relating to; the integration course, social affairs, housing etc. We also represent the interests of LGBT asylum seekers who have fled because of their sexual orientation and request for help. Secret Garden also mediates in contacts with government agencies.

Besides this assistance Secret Garden offers the opportunity to meet people during our monthly theme night. After a meal, a documentary (film or other audiovisual material) is shown and we have a discussion about it. Sometimes there is only a discussion evening. After this you have the opportunity to continue together to exchange views. These theme nights are monthly visited by about twenty-five to fifty people.