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Horror of transgender woman's mutilated body found BURNT in Istanbul street
Transgender woman's mutilated body found BURNT in street follows streak of gay hate crimes in Turkey
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Politically active sex worker Hande Kader was last seen getting into a client's car - and her body was finally identified by prosthetics at the city morgue

6 days ago

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Emir Shams stichting Secret GardenThe Turkish transgenders are not safe. Many of them got and still get threatened. Their daily live is really horrible. Because is not possible for them to get a normal job, the streets and the prostitution is the only way to survive. The Turkish policy seems unlikely to change in the near future and it will be harder to be a transgender in that country. The human right watch organization must and quick look for solution to protect this group.6 days ago   ·  1
TransAmsterdamWe organiseren morgen een herdenkingsbijeenkomst. www.facebook.com/events/1190896294316078/5 days ago

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